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My fifth book, Stars, Stripes and Corporate Logos, is now available online for $16.95, or directly from me (email ) for a discounted price of $15.00.

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This book is a discussion of evolving challenges played against a backdrop of exciting adventures that made up my life. While growing up in Southern Illinois, and later while serving in the U.S. military and working in the corporate world. I visited 35 countries on five continents; yet, I have never been anywhere I would rather live than right here in the United States. In the military, my buddies and I often talked about “home,” which was not the place from which we enlisted. It was anywhere in the U.S. As soon as we stepped down off an aircraft onto the tarmac anywhere in the continental United States, we were home. The most important influences in my life were my God, my wife and my mother, combined with outside influences from the military and corporate environments. This book explains how all of these factors combined to make me who I am.

About the Author

Gilleland was born in 1935 and was raised in Alton, Illinois. He has a bachelor’s degree in Communications and a master’s degree in Public Relations. He has been married for 58 years to the former Peggy Chaffee, from Worcester, MA. He served 30 years in the military, followed by 10 years in the defense industry. He has over 500 published articles in a variety of nationally and internationally circulated magazines and newspapers, and is the author of five books, all of which are available on the Internet or directly from him.

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